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Management should look into implementing a lasting “ignore feature” for use by registered users at their discretion. Hossein Derakhshan (hoder) has entered into dome.  He deserves to be permanently zapped by me clicking on “ignore” feature. He will be off my screen. This power of choice does not violate his right of speech.   >>>


Up, up and away

Up, up and away

Above Cappadocia, Anatolia, Turkey

by Ghahremani


ardeshir keivan
27-Aug-2007 (one comment)
Due to Ms. Mahshid Amirshahi article about the old and boring topic of " 28 Mordad" as a person who belongs to a generation that had nothing to do with the revolution like to say I am sick and tired of intolerable, rigid- minded and narcissistic people belong to the past. I don't underestand why nobody has right to criticize Mosadegh or think diffrent about "28 Mordad". A person like " Jalal Matini" runs a research about that era and he does not say a word from himself but brings a lot of evidence get accused by pro Mosaddeghs as " Shahollahi" ( Such a meaningless word) and even somebody is claming "Matini" is an illitrate man in leteracy! >>>
27-Aug-2007 (one comment)

The following is an account by a friend of mine, Borhan, evidencing, yet again, the lack of both journalistic and quality care by most Iranian satellite stations.

As I was flipping channels out of curiosity to see if anyone with 1/10 brain about producing TV material has arrived on Persian satellite television to surprise me with something bearable, I stopped to look at some sort of auction on Kanal Yek Television (Channel One) was having with a lady who looked like Shirin Ebadi with a shorter hair-cut at 9:20PM on August 26, 2007. After a few seconds I noticed she was using the word IPod to describe the product, when I looked and listened closer, I noticed that the product was indeed NOT apple's Ipod but rather one of these many Chinese knock-offs of Ipod [The linked product is the closest thing to that I could find online] >>>
Siamack Baniameri
27-Aug-2007 (4 comments)
I often wonder what happens if a suicide bomber finds out that one of his 40 virgins is not a virgin. What is the return policy in heaven? >>>
Iranians are largest contributors to the blogosphere (percentage wise). >>>


Lake Parade '07

Lake Parade '07

This is how we do it y'all

by Parham



فرمودید کودتا یا قیام؟

پس بفرمائید که در آخر حکایت هنوز نفهمیده اید که لیلی زن بود یا مرد!

27-Aug-2007 (30 comments)
از روزی که آخوندها در ایران به فکر تکیه زدن بر مسند قدرت افتادند من هم و غمم را متوجه مبارزه با آنها کردم و نیازی هم ندیدم که هر بار ابراز مخالفت با رژیم اسلامی را با زدن گریزی به گذشته همراه کنم و هر بار انتقاداتی که همیشه به دستگاه آریامهری – در زمان بیا برو اش – داشته ام مکرر نمایم. هرگز تصور نکردم که وقتی از روشنفکران ایراد می گیرم باید توضیح بدهم که این ایراد متوجه مخالفت آنها با حکومت استبدادی نیست که من با آن همصدا و یکدلم بلکه از این روست که آنها به وظیفه روشنفکری خود عمل نکرده اند ...>>>


What's gone wrong?

When a lesbian says: "We are all Hezb’ Allah now"

27-Aug-2007 (10 comments)
When my daughter’s friend told me a couple of weeks a go, that her socialist lesbian friend has a poster on her wall saying: “We are all Hezb’ Allah Now!” I said: “my God! (And I am an atheist) something has gone fundamentally wrong.” I asked myself, what are they trying to do, mocking socialists? Or, are they simply brainwashed? What is this world coming to? This young woman has all the necessary ingredients for fighting against political Islam and Hezb’ Allah. First of all she is a woman.>>>



I have recipes for Char-Broiled Squirrel to Moroccan Pigeon Pie

27-Aug-2007 (4 comments)
I spend a crazy amount of time watching cookery channels, reading food & culinary magazines, catching up on restaurant reviews and reading cookery books. And when I mean ‘Reading’ cookery books, I mean cover-to-cover… like normal people read novels. My friends and family know me so well that the safest bet for a Christmas/Birthday gift for me is a cookery book. Their only dilemma lies in how to find one that I don’t already own. I always tell them to look for the most random, weird & unique titles possible and avoid the more popular ‘Usual suspects’. As a result of this, I now own more than 220 carefully chosen food related books (or my bibles as I like to refer to them). >>>


Finally, is catching up with the rest of the internet

26-Aug-2007 (25 comments)
You may have noticed changes in in recent days. Well now it's official: 12.0 has gone live! The site has gone through many changes in its look and feel since its launch in 1995. This time, however, the transformation is more fundamental. For the first time visitors have the power to self-publish. You can leave comments immediately on the site, have your own blog and submit articles more efficiently. Basically, you are no longer at my mercy to have your voice heard around here (do I hear "thank god"?!) >>>
Foaad Khosmood
26-Aug-2007 (4 comments)
Well, let's get this party started, shall we? The site is officially in Beta which means, it still has problems. But that's what I get paid the big (har har) bux for... >>>
26-Aug-2007 (one comment)
To the author of this article:


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مذهب عليه دين

اصولاً تأسيس مذهب هميشه با تعطيل دين همراه است

يکی از تضادهای عمدهء اجتماعی را می توان مابين دو پديدهء «دين» و «مذهب» يافت؛ دو پديده ای که ، بنا به تعريف، هر دو بر بنياد يک پديدهء سوم به نام «ايمان» شکل می گيرند. اما وجود اين تضاد آنچنان بديهی نيست که تصور کنيم همه از آن مطلعند. حتی بنظرم می رسد که اکثر ما به تفاوت ماهوی بسيار اساسی اين سه پديده، که اتفاقاً اکثر مشکلات ما از خلط ماهيت آنها ناشی می شود، توجه چندانی نداريم. لحظه ای پيش خودتان به اين سه مقولهء مفهومی بيانديشيد تا دريابيد که اغلب يا آنها را يکی می گيريم و يا نمی توانيم دقيقاً تفاوتشان با يکديگر را توضيح دهيم. >>>