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I find myself standing by this road again
this road is hard..... is hard..... oh.... so hard to pass
Hedieh Sajadi

Baraaye Ganji
Motefaavet zibaast
Homayoun Abghari

A mound of flesh and thoughts. Separates me. From. The. Country I watch on TV.
Sara Bozorg

Life in diaspora
Realigning the past with the present
Sasan Seifikar

Souless but sexy
I'm realisin' that all this smokin', chillin', cotchin', is just the beginnin'
Heresh Rezavandi

Khaaneye man
Dar baadhaa
Shahrokh Setoudeh Foumani

Dedicated to those who loose their loved ones to imposed and unwanted battles
Mojgan Mazkoori

Infected love
(Lover in despair)

Taa sher nashkanad
Divaar az koocheh bolandtar shod
Habib Shokati

They say we live life the way we make love
Baharak Sedigh

Anjomane dahan goshaadi
Zarreh-ee neest dar ou neshaan ze ensaan
Meedahad dars beh eblees o sheytaan
Hamid Izadi

Raazhaaye kavir
They say we live life the way we make love
Cyrous Moradi

Shove my head down when it dares look up
Taraneh Tavous

To be and not to be in love
Shoja Adel

I cross cultures
What you get from "cultural diversity" and too much formal education
Golli Farrel

Against this tower, towering doubt
Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Dar golestaani faraasooye nassim
Pashang Salehi

* Paziresh
* Saalkhordegi
* Naghshafarin
For my good Janet, for myself, for my friend Behrouz Vossoughi
Jahangir Sedaghat

Hope of light
Orkideh Behrouzan

I the finite
I am, I am
A.S. Mostafanejad


When did I, Arash the Iranian, and Arash the boy, decide that I’ve heard enough of the humming
From the tired old country?
Arash Daneshzadeh

Guess who...
They took our country
Kourosh Makki

Manzumeh shabe hezaaro yekom
The 1001th night
Orkideh Behrouzan

What do you believe?
I do not need
The cozy homelike comfort
Of a fenced dogmatic creed
Sasan Seifikar

Yekee Bood Yekee Nabood…
who was the nabood?
the silent one in the shadow of the one that bood
Tahereh Tavous

Daayereh ghesmat
Behtareen va badtareen
Aram Gharib

Nothing never changes
Oh, my friend
Time is no longer on our side
I have decided to hide the mirror

Farah Afshari

Nah movaazi nah
Khiyaanati nashod hataa...
Sheema Kalbasi

Akse rangi
Ziba, khoshboo, shirin...
Zahra Dowlatshahi

Your baby, tonight
A scream of being buried alive in time
Manoucher Parvin

(no title)
Pride, morphine to pack lies
Jam Hamidi

This one's for you, George
Oh George, how do I thank you for all the memories?
Nader Jahanfard

My poem has the scent of Nadia
In memory of Nadia Anjuman
Majid Naficy [Persian]

* Chatr
* Porteghaal
* Baazovaane to
Three poems
Shahrokh Setoudeh Foumani

Empty wishes
I wish we could go back
Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari

Daad nazan
Selected poems from "Daad nazan: Dar een ayneh kasi neest" ("Don't shout! There's nobody in this mirror")
Verya Mazhar Airu

Sooreh Tamaashaa
Missing verses from one of Sohrab Sepehri's famous poems
Majid Roshangar

A World Cup winning formula
And three other poems
Sasan Seifikar

I am from...
I am from un-made beds and clothes everywhere except for my closet
Ranna Khorram

Heech chiz moqadas neest
Nothing is sacred, other than...
Massoud Vatankhahi

The truth was poison
Kimya Sarayloo

Yaadash behkheyr fardaa
... keh hamisheh taazeh shoroo mishavad...
Habib Shokati

Two poems
Zheila Nahvipour

Our gardener Mash Mammad
I loved his roses...they smelled of the dreams I had yet to dream up
Baharak Sedigh

Moving forward or looking backward
Lee Howard Hodges

Jang, jang taa proozi
Saayeh enghelaab
Mandana Zandian

Do you know how old I am?
I am as old as rain
kissing the lips of the earth
Hedieh Sajadi

Dar chamedaani migonjim, amma nah zire saghfe yek khaaneh
Leila Farjami

I created a love
One stroke, a splinted talisman of luck
Arash Daneshzadeh

Waiting for you
Thinking the earth will disappear from under my feet
Farid Parsa

Find the key
You have to find the key to my heart again
Yasaman Rohani

Jeraahaate naashiyaaneh
Leila Farjami

My real world imagined,
My imagined world real
I imagine the cold-blue waters of the Caspian
Tinkling into my neurons
Manoucher Parvin

Hendeseh & Doustaan
Two poems
Anahid Hojjati

The choice
Stand at the edge of reality the edge of truth
Niloofar Nafici

"No" Orleans
All that jazz, so quiet tonight
Arash Zarei

Metaphors in September
Poems dedicated to the victims of 9/11
Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

The only beginning
They suffer but they wouldn't want to heal
Alaleh Alamir

Hand painted dreams
Lost at the beginning of no-ways ahead
Farah Afshari

Hasrati oghush
From a Tajik poet
Loiq Sherali

Say yes and rule
In the name of democracy how they destruct nations
Malik Ashaq Raza

No one knows
Shahrokh Setoudeh Foumani

To dear Farzad
Ali will remain on the mind of the sane...
Cyrus Zamani

Persian Prince
Those gorgeous azure eyes I would never see again
Persian Princess

Malcolm X
Robert Hayden's poem “Al Hajj Malik Al Shabbaz – Malcolm X”
Translated by Omid Ghaemmaghami

My meeting with God
I'm silent but I'm nodding
Bahark Sedigh

Uncontainable laughter
Precious moments

Persia's poetic past
In memory of my father, who taught me to be proud of my heritage
Amir Nasseri

Los Angeles booye kabob meedahad (2)
City of Angeles smells like kabob
Leila Farjami

Harvesting the light
Your soul’s my home, your eyes my windows
Dara S. Esfandiary

Baazi 9
Yek eybe bozorg
Aram Gharib

The trap
(for the victis of Katrina)
Baharak Sedigh

I pased through that alley again
Fereydoun Moshiri
Translated by Omid Ghaemmaghami

Shabe yekom
First night
Leila Farjami

Freedom is a commodity
So we decided to sell it in cubic feet at first
Natalie Esfandiari

They love us to death
Western/Northern/First World academia studying us, preparing, isolating us...
Reza Faze

* Az faaseleh taa barg
* Peydaa
* Bonbast
Selections from "Az Ghoncheh taa Adad-e-Khaak"
Habib Shokati

Bottom of the pot
Bruce Bahmani

Poetry that is life
A new translation of Ahmad Shamloo's timeless “Sh’ri keh zendegist”
Translated by Omid Ghaemmaghami

Khaaneye pedari
Eestgaah pedari
Touradj Parsi

Khare moraad...
Morteza Mirbaghian

Humanity deserves a pat on the back
We have come a long way since the Neanderthal
Goli Farrell

Dar soog-e pedar
Yateem shodam
Jahangir Sedaghatfar

Of loss
Give me the tongues of those silenced necks hanging like fruit
Arash Daneshzadeh

Traveling in an armored Humvee
I wrote it for one of my soccer buddies from Sonoma, California wine country, who is in Iraq right now

Sabz, Sepeed, Sorkh
For my homeland
Massoud Vatankhahi

Akse esteaareh
Ey dokhtare lokhte Irani...
Bejan Baran

Sakht arezoomande abrhaaye eshtiyaaghe koodakiam
Alireza Tarighian

Playground in Iraq?
Let me tell you we Indians also think about, love, freedom, democracy as you...
Aashish Ameya

Welcome to Hotel Ahmadinejad
Such a lovely place, such a lovely face
Jalal Mousavi

When a storm falls
The pointless, empty worries and concerns of today and yesterday
Have been wiped from the scene

Lee Howard Hodges

Falak deltangam az tanhaaeeye khod, rahaayam kon beh tadbiri keh daani
Saeed Sheikholeslami Kordestani

Everlasting witness land
In my green hands / the people of love / in little baskets of mournful wishes
Farah Afshari

In remembrance
She speaks to what lies beneath the stone
Kimya Sarayloo

Oh... I am a woman
So tired of being a woman
Hedieh Sajadi

Not to hope for

We will show them
My friend, give me your hand
Siavash Emamzadeh

Poem of the Week
Shoja Adel

Thus speaks Zarathustra
We cannot deem ourselves as slaves
Mehrdad Sanandaji

Look of love
Smile, darling, as you pass Him on the sidewalk
Shayan Ghajar

Anam beh rishat
Gar zendeh nashod, anam beh rishat
Gar shod, ane to beh rishe bandeh

Iraj Mirza

My own grandpa
My daughter was my mother ‘cause she was my father's wife
Kamran Seyed Moussavi

Will the storm pass?
(for Antje)
Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

An exercise in truth by consensus
There is a city behind the seas

Kadkhodaa kargadan ast konoon...
Salamkhar Golsir Koohii

Virtues one by one
Saadi's Gulistan
Richard Jeffrey Newman

Nothing to begin with
I was born naked from all religions but your love
Sheema Kalbasi

Free me

An illusion called time
I would rather try to weave the threads of my own destiny and maintain the illusion of control then surrender whole
Arash Sayedi

The Lover
The true lover has everything to lose

Baharak Sedigh

Palestinians look on, as the sulking Zionists roll up their rugs
Peyvand Khorsandi

Seh boozineh
Heechkas nemidaanad keh een roozhaa cheh migozarad
Aram Gharib

Me and you, tree and rain
Laughing at clouds of darkness
Ahmad Shamloo
Translated by Ahmad Sadri

Ganjvare koochake milaad
For Akbar Ganji
Esmail Nooriala

Rain in the middle of summer
Shokooh Mirzadegi

Payaambaraan-e bee-haaleh
Vida Kashizadeh

Aghaye Ganji, Salam
Beh naameh an kas keh ensaan raa azaad afarid
Mohammad Ali Heidari

Food for thought
For Akbar Ganji
Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani

Magar een azadi cheest?
Massoud Vatankhahi

For Akbar Ganji
Mojgan Mazkoori

My cousin and me: Iran
Cars zooming by on the Tehran streets... Saffron, mint, parsley, and fresh cream sweets
Borna Poursheikhani, 9, Bahar Mirhosseini, 26

Bolandtarin nardebam-e jahan
My son thiks the news is the last episode of "Star Wars"
Mandana Zandian

No one offered a hand to the dying butterfly, not even God
Farah Afshari

Kish o maat
Casa del Mar
Sheida Mohamadi

Small thoughts of a heavy head
Religions are about the difficulty to accept death
Vida Kashizadeh

For recent elections
Afshin Babazadeh

The departure
That last night in Shiraz
Sasan Seifikar

Khaaheshe Azadi
Wishing freedom
Shoja Adel

On Live8
Putting our faith in Geldofs and Bonos
Peyvand Khorsandi

Adam & Eve
Jahangir Sedaghatfar

Ahle een diyaar ram mikonand
Iranians bolt when they see each other
Iraj Mirza

I lean on the edge of grace
Farid Parsa

When the past was no longer present
The past overlooked in haze
Kimya Sarayloo

The sum of infinity
Redeemed by love alone
M. V. Sanandaji

Your dreams
Never try to understand everything
Yasaman Rohani

Ey sepidaar
For Ahmad Shamloo
Alireza Tarighian

Full of hope
A poet that does not go away
Esmail Nooriala

Agha Ganji
Hunger strike

The promised land
Zarrin writes against America the Third Reich and for Whitman's democratic vision in some of the most beautiful language to praise his chosen country
Dean Brink

Words gone wild
Mohsen Daeinabi

The moon and the rock
Fereydoun Moshiri
Translated by Ali Sadri

Part of a whole
To the skies, I'm just another rain drop

Shirin Afsous

Maya Sleep Poems
All the places I’ve been had something to do with fleeing

Arash Daneshzadeh

* Andooh-e mobtazal
* Baazi 8
* Baazi 6 & 7
Three poems
Aram Gharib

My freedom knows no boundaries
Baharak Sedigh

Taghvim-e gham
Marg shod aadat, azaa shod etiyaad
Abu Reyhan Darooni

Bang-e azaan
On London bomb attacks
Shoja Adel

Teacher of politics and ethics
Mohammad Ali Heydari

War and peace
... no one will explain to me why peace is far away

Prettier than candlelight
Excerpt from "Persian Dreams"
Maryam Tabibzadeh

Teacher of politics and ethics
Mohammad Ali Heydari

Naamehie beh pedaram
Letter to father
Leila Farjami

Az sefr taa sefr
Four poems from "Az ghoncheh taa adad-e khaak"
Habib Shokati

Zarabaan-haaye eshgh
For our fallen and imprisoned jornalists
Mojgan Mazkoori

And other poems
Mahmoud Kavir

The first night
The world is not my oyster
Leyla Momeny

The nature of things
Wind, sky, sun, earth, and you
Siavash Emamzadeh

Who stole my sorrow
The M16 feels heavier today
Shoja Adel

Cheraa khandehaa khaali az jaan shodeh?
Morteza Mirbaghian

(Armenian accent)
Sheema Kalbasi

Nili Square
For broken hearts there is no glue
M.T. Maan

Dance monkey dance!
For sellouts everywhere from Morocco to Pakistan (and especially Iran)
Maziar Shirazi

* Khodaa naashenaasam
* Heech peesh amadeh...?
Now that is banned in the motherland
Ali Akbar Saidi Sirjani

Tehran 1381
From "Payaambari neshasteh bar kondeyeh baloot"
Amid Sadeghi-Nasab

Bahaar taa zemestaan
Season's end
Mitra Emamjomeh

Parandegaan-e khafiyeh
Death is only a bird...
Leila Farjami Chand rubai-ye azad
A few free rubais
Ali ZarrinYellow traffic lights
Like a rare-winged, Amazon bottled glow worm; fugitive from “another earth”
Arash Daneshzadeh Fate?
I would re-live every lie to be here
Baharak Sedigh The sun rises
Forough Farrokhzad
Translated by Ali sadri Faraaz
Aftaab raa baa ayeneh baayad hampaymaan saakht
Cyrus OmoomianKaafaram agar modaaraa konam
Recited in front of Evin Prison
Simin Behbahani Azadi
I still believe
Orkideh Behrouzan Koshtan-e hame-ye Sohrab-haa
You only need one Rostam to kill off all Sohrabs
Leila Farjami Ghazal-e azad
Qalbam raa mitapi
Ali Zarrin Eteraaf-naameye dokhtaraan-e bad
Yes, I'm no Cinderella
Leila Farjami Arzaani-ye tow
We had enough walls; we needed a window, Mr. Khatami
Mandana Zandian Peaceful departure
with a dream in my head
a smile on my face
Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani Blasphemy
How to read or write
Sasan Seifikar Ghobaar-e sokoot
You and me
Alireza Zarrin Adios Corazon
I'll embrace your bronze hued chest tone
Michelle Javid FultonOld births, new deaths
i stand sorrounded by the skeletons of past truths
Rahill Jamalifard Anarchy across eyelids
Invigorated to witness forbidden aspects and clues
Aamir Aziz The Persian Boy
Rising and falling / To the rhythm / Of mirrored / Desire
Setareh Sabety Navaazesh-e jaari-ye rood
15 poems from "Alef mesl-e baaraan"
Habib Shokati Ode to nothingness
Or "The Love Song of Tehran University"
Goli Farrell They
Close your eyes and smell the stench
Azadeh Zohrabi Love is Stainless
Seven poems in Persian & English
Majid Naficy Change
For Iran
Mojgan Mazkoori You were told
Grandpa turned to me and said...
Shoja Adel Tanhaaee...
Waiting, alone...
Shafagh Forever Corazon
Where endless floating hearts fluttered by
Michelle Javid Fulton Naameh-ee baraa-ye vatan
A letter to home
Mandana Zandian Tehran
From our hearts to theirs
Sheema Kalbasi & Ron Hudson Away with the dominant winds
The key is lost somewhere in the innocence of desire

Selseleh maraateb
Khiyaalbaafaan-e behesht
Vida Kashizadeh

Disturbed dream
One thousand interpretations
Farah Afshari

On might
Let the kingdom belong to the ones who want it most
Jam Hamidi Eshgh-e maadaram
Mother's love
Alireza Tarighian

Saal-haaye ashegh
Years in love
Shahrokh S. Foumani

I now have seen behind your eyes
Baharak Sedigh

Missing you
Aram Gharib

Selected poems from Azar Khajavi's book of poetry "Va Aftab Nemidaanest":
* Mohakemeye Aftab
* Koli
* Havva
* Arash
* Tab-e Rooyesh

Written for song during Iran-Iraq war
Vida Kashizadeh

My sweet little terrorist
Like creatures from another planet
127 Band

"Doost": Sohrab Sepehri's poem for Forough Farrokhzad
Interpretation and translation by Ali Sadri

Shab-e sangsaar
Mohammad Ali Isfahani

On both sides of the pond
The foundation of life is one
Sheema Kalbasi & Alessio Zanelli

I'm every woman
Bearing witness and capturing truth in frozen glances
Samira Mohyeddin

Night in her forest
For Antje
Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Fond of whatever bread and religion we are fed
Sholeh Wolpé

Life is not a dream
Farah Afshari

Whenever I get near you, you suddenly disappear
Mehran Makki

Iranian guy on the dance floor
... I cannot help but smile

Father & Mother
10-year old poet
Anna Ansari

Baazi 5
Saaz raa meezaneem, sokhanraani raa pakhsh meekoneem va eshgh raa baazi...
Aram Gharib

For Neve Farahandouz
Mandana Zandian

Sisters, choke
Living stories / that stay untold
Setareh Sabety

California-ye man
Dar talaash baraa-ye peydaa kardan-e tavaazon

Na'reh-o-baadeh-ye baadeh-gosaaraanat koo?
Mohammad Reza Shafeie Kadkani

Mosht-haaye sabz-e nowruzi
Moshti baraa-ye Iran / moshti baraa-ye man
Alireza Tarighian


Orkideh Behrouzan

Ode to the eggplant
Olive oil would simply be lost without you

Persis Karim

I wave at you / With history at the tip of my tongue
Farid Parsa

Is Islam a terrorist religion?
Alcohol, sex, gay marriage, vulgarity / AIDS, all in your free advanced society
Ashaq Raza

Siaaho va teshneh
Mohti baraa-ye Iran / moshti baraa-ye man
Kimia Arian

Remembering a blissful presence
That elusive dream I blindly grab for / stares back at me
Meenoo Chahbazi

Complementary mourning 84
Wake up; it's the postmodern mediated chat
Hossein Hashemi

Between me and you
You tell me the news and I show you the night sky
Sara Ansari

Nowruz 1384
Nowruz raa baa yaad-e khaaneh / Mehmaan-e shahri deegaram man
Orkideh Behrouzan

My salvation is at your mercy
Shahrzad Irani and Guive Mirfendereski

Agahi-ye haraaj-e Superwoman
She's not a cow, but can give milk
Leila Farjami

La femme… La Vie
Parviz Abolgassemi

Baazi (2) (3) (4)
Ayandeh raa man khaaham saakht
Aram Gharib

There was a young Shirazi girl
Her unibrow spread
The width of her head
Babak Khiavchi

Baraa-ye naam-e toe
"This is Tehran, the voice of the Democratic Republic of Iran"

Atefeh's execution
She has risen again, some say.
Given her body over to the flight
Of souls
Persis M. Karim

The knock out punch
You must not only pay
For your own sins
But also the sins of others
Sasan Seifikar

War is war
Like a wounded love, fragments of souls and hearts fly into the abyss
Patricia Byron

When you shed a tear
Just by watching the news
Shoja Adel

Today is not the last day of the world
Shahrokh Setoudeh

The day I became "baby"
I wanted to go away somewhere blue and gray, where tropicalities and pacifics don’t matter
Arash Daneshzadeh

Tomorrows so uncertain and yesterdays ever so lost
I embrace the present and those around
Ana Hojjati

-- Bahaar-e ghorbat
-- Beh peeshbaaz-e bahaar
-- Arezoo-ye bahaar
Jahangir Sedaghatfar

Entre nous
because you are my mother tongue
and because as you played your santour
Samira Mohyeddin

The night and us
I stand up and open the window
for the runaway breeze to come back home
Farah Afshari

A human insight
When flowerbeds are made from the skin
of the dead, butterflies can’t afford
to have the wings to
Sheema Kalbasi

Madineye faazeleh
Khaak raa khoob meeshenaasam
Chon laabelaayash dafn shodam
Ali Tabibzadeh

Aida in the mirror
Ahmad Shamloo
Translated by Fouad Kazem

Do not attempt
To incorporte the word "justice"
Abol Hassan Danesh

Dung flies
It's funny how they all claim to be different
Ali Zandi

Bedoon-e "Oscar"am hargez
Man... goolhaayam raa khordeh-am
Kimia Arian

I can be heaven
I can be thunder
Baharak Sedigh

Was I really the propagator or was it a dream?
Slater Bakhtavar

For Simin Behbahani
Jahangir Sedaghatfar

Poetry from an early 20th century immigrant
Ali A. Parsa

Oghoobat-e eshgh
Kicked my heart like a puppy dog
Qasem Nosrati

On sale
You matured

Bass kon ey zamin
For the victims of the Zarand earthquake
Orkideh Behrouzan

Baba's passing
In loving memory of my Baba, who passed away last weekend.
Persis Karim

To My Valentine
Pumping hope through tired veins
Setareh Sabety

The sound of all swollen words
For Forough Farrokhzad
Farah Afshari

Booseh reez
Mozaab-e maah-o she'r-o hozoor-e toh
Alireza Tarighian

There is an infinite sky / A perpetual distance.
Baharak Sedigh

Bar. Whisky. Silence. Stare...
Hossein "Naanaam" Fazeli

Want me too
Lover to his (departed) belovedsovereignty

Sorood-e sobh-e sard
Garmaa-ye mehr
Alireza Tarighian

Bozorg dar alefbaaee koochak
Moher knows
Leila Farjami

Az no baaz baa to hamin
Hossein Nushazar

Ravaan pareesh
Mandana Zandian

Collection of poems
Sheema Kalbasi

A conversation
A conversation between Jelalladin Rumi and Pablo Neruda On the Centenary of Pablo's Birth
Persis Karim

* In those moments...
* What if

A poem and a half
Baharak Sedigh

A westerner walks among their civilization
Patricia Byron Hariri

Bottom line for U.S. spreading liberty
The New American Century has no soldiers to lose, only profits tallied at Arlington Cemetery
Dean Brink

Mard, baaraan, asb
Shahrokh Setoudeh Foumani

Circle of hate
Why must we live by the way of the gun?
The Green Elf

Between us there is still a flame
But no longer does it burn
Sara Ansari

The walls
You can touch it you can feel it but you can not break it
Mehran Makki

Cry rivers
For your tears throw a curse
on the war
and the warmongers
Farah Afshari

Dash-te shaghaayegh-e maa
Pars meekonam dar kharaabe-haaye yaad
Mehrnush Moazami Gudarzi

Broken heart...
I lost my daughter, that I love so
Brenda Jamalzadeh

The torch
For reopening of Statue of Liberty Park in New York after 9/11
Shoja Adel

Ensan: naa-ye khod navaaz
Rumi & man
Manuchehr Jamali

13th century poem
Translated by Ali Zarrin

Does love only value fear and doubt?
Baharak Sedigh

A snail with two big eyes
Aram Gharib

Smelly stream

See if you can find a regret worth holding
Setareh Sabety

Az khaateremaan raft salaam
Farah Afshar

Dawn on the Fall Equinox
How will I explain this to him?
Persis Karim

The red candy
I'm eager to bite it all in a blink of every eye
B.A. Sazegar

The little girl's and the mother's
Sheema Kalbasi


Five poems
Ali Khaghani

We'll meet in heaven
Shahrokh Setoudeh Foumani

Rooze sahar beh maa reseed
Ghorbat-e Gharb beh sar resid

Orang Gholikhani

Salam-e abreeshamin
Silken hello
Ali Tabibzadeh

Subtracting Allah from Persia

Between Arabi and Farsi, between Allah and Forgiveness, between A and F
Rom Hashemi

I lie shattered, And you did nothing
Sasan Seifikar

Saba in Australia
Individual journey with Hafiz
Farid Parsa

The purest form of love
The love of a blind man
Ali Zandi

Science vs. play
Aram Gharib

The sun and the snowman
The snowman has no heart
Farah Afshar

Shab-e Saal-e No
New Year's Eve
Aram Gharib

>>> Poems in previous years


-- Baba Taher
-- Behbahani, Simin
-- Farrokhzad, Forough
-- Rumi
-- Khayyam
-- Shamloo

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