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First PostblogSep 22, 2008
Prelude to My ArticleblogSep 23, 2008
Iran Phone Line- Human Rights Activists in Iran-Iran, What Does it All Mean? blogSep 24, 2008
Response to Iran Phone Line articleblogSep 27, 2008
Blackmail campaign to silence Iranian-Canadian bloggerblogSep 27, 2008
خط تلفن ایران و "فعالان حقوق بشر در ایران" blogSep 28, 2008
Kurdish Political Prisoners on Hunger StrikeblogOct 02, 2008
"Dark Hole" Where Political Prisoners are Sent to be BrokenblogOct 02, 2008
In Honour of International Teachers Day blogOct 05, 2008
Lack of News about Ms. Hana Abdi and Ms. Ronak Safarzadeh blogOct 05, 2008
Response to my Article from Human Rights Activists in Iran blogOct 05, 2008
Human rights activist arrested blogOct 06, 2008
Further Developments: Rights Activists in Iran and Iran Phone LineblogOct 09, 2008
Uncertainty about the cases of Ronak Safarzadeh and Yaser Goli blogOct 19, 2008
How the Islamic Regime Controls the Opposition outside of Iran blogOct 25, 2008
Kaboudvand's 11 Year Prison Sentence UpheldblogOct 29, 2008
مورد تبعیض‌ام، چون کردم و مستقلblogOct 31, 2008
Mohammad Saleh Evyan was sentenced to 4 Years of Imprisonment blogNov 01, 2008
Freedom Concert @Sacred Heart UniversityblogNov 01, 2008
Ismail Gorgi has been Re-Arrested blogNov 09, 2008
Ahmad Batebi’s Questionable ActionsblogNov 10, 2008
Introduction to Student Council of Human Rights in KurdistanblogDec 05, 2008
Happy New Year To All blogDec 31, 2008
Crackdown on Student Activists in Shiraz University blogJan 02, 2009
Hunger Strike of Political Prisoners in “Maku” Prison blogJan 11, 2009
Javad Alizadeh Has been ArrestedblogJan 22, 2009
Six Years and Six Months Prison Sentence for Mohammad SeyadiblogJan 22, 2009
Torture of Residents of Kurdish VillageblogJan 25, 2009
Concern for Mr. Amir Masbah Ghazi- 36 days after his Arrest blogJan 26, 2009
Arrest of Two Students and One Youth in “Ravansar” blogJan 26, 2009
Prayers for the Seven “Friends of Iran” blogFeb 18, 2009
Habibollah Lotfi’s Death Sentence has been Upheld by the Court of AppealblogFeb 19, 2009
Yaser Goli’s 15 Year Jail Sentence has been Upheld by the Court of Appeal in KurdistanblogFeb 20, 2009
Iran: Halt the execution of Mr. Habibollah Latifi blogMar 03, 2009
Campaign to Save Habbibolah Latifi blogMar 14, 2009
Shame on you Mr. Akhavan, Shame on you Mr. Jahanbegloo!blogAug 18, 2009
Underground Cinema in Iran blogSep 06, 2009
Islamic Regime’s Pathetic Attempt to Try to Tarnish My Reputation: Part II blogSep 06, 2009
The Assassination of the Friday Prayer Imam in the city of Sanandaj blogSep 13, 2009
Ghods Day-A Nightmare for the Islamic Regime? blogSep 13, 2009
Assassination Attempt on a Second Judge in Sanandaj in the Past Week!!blogSep 16, 2009
“Ghods Day” Protests in Iran-September 18th 2009blogSep 18, 2009
Regime has Disabled Some Means of Communication in IranblogSep 18, 2009
We Are Lions and the Sun is Behind UsblogSep 21, 2009
My Thoughts on Ahmadinejad and Other Random Thoughts blogSep 26, 2009
Boycott of Mansour Concert at Club NOKIA blogSep 27, 2009
Commander of Revolutionary Guards assassinated near BanehblogOct 06, 2009
Campaign in Support of Kurdish Political Prisoners Launched by Women of AzarmehrblogOct 09, 2009
Hossein Shahriyari Must be Released Immediately and Unconditionally! blogOct 09, 2009
Concern for the Health and Well being of Mr. Hossein Shahriari blogOct 11, 2009
Behrouz Javid Tehrani has Been Transferred to the Common Ward of the Prison blogOct 11, 2009
While the Blood of Iranian Protesters is Still Running in the Streets, Mansour is Having a Concert in Toronto! blogOct 12, 2009
Javad Alizadeh has been Transferred from Sanandaj Prison to Hamedan PrisonblogOct 13, 2009
Open Letter to Amnesty International in Support of Osanlou, Tehrani and Shahriari blogOct 14, 2009
Democracy in Action-Crisis in Iran blogOct 20, 2009
My post on "Anti Semitism The Iranian Islamic Regime’s new Tactics" was Deleted by the Administration!!!blogNov 03, 2009
News Reports from 13 Aban (November 4th 2009) Protests in TehrannewsNov 04, 2009
Open Letter to Empire Theatres Regarding Regime Sponsored Iranian Short Film Festival in Toronto blogNov 04, 2009
ACTION ALERT: Iranian Film Festival in Canada to Push Islamic Iranian Regime Propaganda newsNov 04, 2009
Open Letter to the Empire Theatres Regarding “the 1th Iranian Short Film Festival” in Toronto Sponsored by Islamic Regime newsNov 05, 2009
URGENT-Kurdish Activist Ehsan Fatahiyan to be Executed WednesdayblogNov 08, 2009
URGENT: Ehsan Fatahiyan has Started a Hunger Strike in Protest of His Death Sentence newsNov 08, 2009
Hunger Strike of Political Prisoners in Sanandaj Prison in Support of Ehsan FatahiyannewsNov 09, 2009
Latest News from Sanandaj Prison and Ehsan Fatahiyan (November 10, 2009) newsNov 10, 2009
Further Arrests in the City of Sanandaj Following Ehsan Fatahiyan’s Execution newsNov 12, 2009
Protest against the Regime Sponsored Film Festival in Toronto blogNov 12, 2009
Shirkoh Moarefi another Kurdish Activist has been Transferred to Solitary Confinement to Await ExecutionblogNov 13, 2009
Shirkoh Moarefi another Kurdish Activist has been Transferred to Solitary Confinement to Await ExecutionnewsNov 13, 2009
The Execution Team in Sanandaj has Moved on to a New TargetnewsNov 13, 2009
The Issue of Separatism at the Forefront after Ehsan Fatahiyan’s Execution blogNov 16, 2009
Thank You Note to EveryoneblogNov 17, 2009
Kajol Sheykh Mohammadi a Woman’s Rights Activist has Gone on a Hunger StrikenewsNov 25, 2009
The Islamic Regime-Gray or a Black and White Issue? blogNov 27, 2009
Student Day (16 Azar) in Iran blogDec 05, 2009
Vidoe Clips from National Student Day (16 Azar Protests)newsDec 07, 2009
Pro-Democracy Protests of the Iranian Students and the Pro-Reform Spin of Main Stream Media blogDec 07, 2009
Mr. Kamran Asa, the Brother of Kianoush Asa has been arrested newsDec 08, 2009
Sohrab Karimi a Kurdish Student Activist has been Arrested newsDec 08, 2009
Liberals call for terrorist designation of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps:newsDec 09, 2009
Arrest and Imprisonment of at least 16 Kurdish Students in the Past Month newsDec 12, 2009
Majid Tavakoli is only one of Many Students arrested during National Student DayblogDec 12, 2009
Head Stone of Ehsan Fatahiyan has been DestroyednewsDec 16, 2009
Hossein Ali Montazeri-an Iranian Hero or a Dictator who Committed Crimes against the Iranian People? blogDec 20, 2009
Exposing the Myth of Reform in Iran blogJan 03, 2010
ارتجاع حاکم بر موج سبزnewsJan 03, 2010
After Ehsan Fatahiyan another Activist Fasih Yasamani has been ExecutedblogJan 06, 2010
Advocating Human Rights within the Islamic Republic in Iran?blogJan 07, 2010
Raoul Wallenberg Day High School Student ConferencenewsJan 11, 2010
My Blog has been filtered by the Islamic RegimeblogJan 15, 2010
Ten Kurdish Activists have been arrested in the City of Sanandaj in IranblogJan 15, 2010
Toronto Event in Honour of Neda Agha-Soltan's Birthday -The Angel of Iran blogJan 24, 2010
Pro Ahmadinejad Speaker at McMaster Campus blogJan 25, 2010
Two Political Prisoners Involved in the Recent Protests in Iran have been ExecutedblogJan 28, 2010
Letter of Shirin Alam Hooli from Prison - Kurdish Prisoner Sentenced to Death in Iran blogJan 31, 2010
22 Bahman Protest information for Toronto and Ottawa newsJan 31, 2010
Blood Concert in Toronto-Islamic Regime’s Cultural Ambassadors at Roy Thomson HallblogFeb 03, 2010
Protest in Ottawa, Canada against the Islamic Regime in Iran on the 31st Anniversary of the Islamic Regime (22 Bahman)blogFeb 12, 2010
Rising Conflict in Iranian KurdistannewsFeb 19, 2010
Abdulmalik Rigi’s “Capture” and Its Implications for Iranian Opposition Abroad blogFeb 25, 2010
Shadmehr Aghili Concert in Toronto on March 5th 2010 blogMar 06, 2010
Human Rights Activists in Iran-Serving the Islamic Regime or Political Prisoners? blogMar 16, 2010
افشای اطلاعاتی درباره‌ی مجموعه‌ی فعالان حقوق بشر ( هرانا )newsMar 17, 2010
Happy Nowrooz-In Hopes of an Independent, Free Iranian Republic blogMar 19, 2010
Regime Change in Iran is the Only Option for Iran blogMar 23, 2010
Iranian Student Association at York University Displaying Clear Signs of Support for the Islamic Regime? blogMar 27, 2010
News about Recent Conditions in Gohardasht (Rajaishahr) Prison in IranblogApr 12, 2010
New List of Political and “Security Risk” Prisoners in Gohardasht (Rajaishahr) Prison in IranblogApr 12, 2010
Open Letter to the Canadian International Peace Project-Peace and Security with Shirin EbadiblogApr 17, 2010
A Call for International Solidarity with Political Prisoners in Iran blogApr 25, 2010
Execution of Five (5) Kurdish Prisoners in the Evin Prison in Iran blogMay 09, 2010